Confidence and self love

I got into a conversation his morning ,about how one feels after getting big by the years and it was very intense that I had to stand up for the plus size people .Are you plus size , you feel confident and you are filled with self love ?Then you deserve to be the most respected person alive .I say this because most of the plus size ladies and gents too ,have confidence issues about their bodies .It gets really hard sometime to style a plus size body but when one accepts and loves themselves that’s when every thing flows easy.I personally love what other designers are doing when it comes to clothing plus size because they are really decorating the world and I must say this “the world is not cool if everyone is skinny ,the cocktail will be much better when some plus size is added to the mixture for there is beauty in everything.”


Sometimes starting something new may be a bit difficult but that does not mean that you should give up on your idea just like how i started my fashion career .It basically starts with passion ,if there is the4 hunger to start and develop your idea please count yourself one of the successful persons is always good to keep this in mind“it does not really matter how you start up something, but the energy to continue and reach your goals highly matters a lot``I really did not study fashion but the hunger i have to do it always keeps me going and growing each and every day .however i love creating new designs and redesign already made clothes to come up with a new and a different design .my advice to you and to everyone is that ,love , desire ,and passion can really bring heaven down.